The Use of Digital Tools in Teaching Turkish to Foreigners

With the development of technology, the place and importance of technology in human life have increased. Technology and technological devices are utilized in every moment and every aspect of daily life. As technology has become so integrated into human life, technological tools and applications have started to be used in many fields. The influence of technological tools on daily life has also affected the education sector, leading to changes in the field of education. Methods and strategies integrated with technology, which have started to be used in all areas of education, have also impacted the process of language teaching and learning, leading to some changes. The introduction of technology into the language teaching process has brought new concepts into this field. In this context, new concepts such as distance education, computer-assisted instruction, internet-supported instruction, interactive learning have been added to the teaching process. In addition to these concepts, Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 tools, which are starting to be integrated into the learning and teaching process, have brought a new dimension to language teaching. Based on this information, this study aims to identify which technological tools are or can be used in teaching Turkish to foreigners. The aim of this study is to inform teachers and students about applications that are or can be used in teaching Turkish to foreigners. It is expected that the identified websites, channels, and applications will help diversify the process of learning and teaching Turkish and contribute in educational faculties by suggesting the addition of a course on how these technological tools can be used in class.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Instruction of turkish as a foreign language, information and communication technologies (ICT), technology integration in language education, web-based tools.