Dependent and Independent Word Groups in Turkish (Classification and Structural Types)

"The Classification and Structural Types of Dependent and Independent Word Groups in Turkish" is a work that addresses word groups in Turkish grammar, providing significant solutions to problems encountered in this field. The author, relying on four fundamental principles—structure, basic element type, connection method, and function—has classified word groups. This classification has contributed to the understanding of word groups and has helped eliminate the confusion in naming observed in this regard. In particular, clarity has been brought to the naming of word groups through the types of structures provided in the work. The 145-page book, enriched with examples from literary works, illustrates conjunctional and non-conjunctional word groups in the independent word group section, showcasing specific structure types. In complex word groups, structures containing dependent and independent word groups are identified and analyzed. The work, by classifying word groups in Turkish based on different criteria, presenting structural types, and providing a wealth of examples, qualifies as a reference book that should be consulted in the field of syntax.

Anahtar Kelimeler

linguistics, syntax, word group, classification