Research on Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language

More disciplined, institutional and regular studies have been carried out in order to meet the increasing interest and demand in teaching Turkish as a foreign language both in Turkey and abroad in the last 20 years. In line with the increasing need and demand in recent years, many institutions and organizations have started to provide services in this direction. Increasing interest in Turkish universities, the fact that Turkish politics has an important place in the world, the significant number of Turkish nobles in the world population, and the fact that Turkey has emigrated within the country and emigrated abroad have increased the interest in this field. Recently, many universities have opened master's and doctoral departments with and without thesis on YDOT teaching, bringing in experts in the field. Thanks to Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University's teaching vision that supports students gaining experience, faculty members supporting their students and hands-on learning, Turkish teaching is a qualitative study on learning Turkish as a foreign language, prepared by the valuable faculty members Fatih KANA and Hulusi GEÇGEL, with their personal efforts, guiding their students and without sparing their support and knowledge. Let's get to know the Research on Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language, which brings together the research.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Teaching Turkish as a foreign language