Comparison Of Foreign Language Teaching Books In Terms Of Speaking Activities

We see that reading, listening, writing and speaking skills, which are expressed as four basic skills in foreign language teaching, are generally equally important. However, speaking skill comes to the forefront as the most difficult skill due to the frequency and necessity of use when learning a foreign language and especially when using the learned language. During the learning process, especially in environments where the target language is not spoken, learners who learn that language have difficulty in finding environments where they can apply the knowledge they have learned, and perhaps they may only have the opportunity to speak in a controlled area in the lesson. In such situations that prevent or make it difficult for learners to consolidate and internalize what they have learned, quality speaking skill activities and teaching materials that include these activities have a special importance for learners and are obliged to respond to a great need.In this study, the textbooks used in the teaching of English and German, which have a large number of teaching activities and materials and are the subjects of long-established language teaching traditions, are analyzed. The aforementioned teaching materials of English and German and the textbooks used in teaching Turkish are investigated comparatively. The speaking activities in the B1 level textbooks of used in teaching Turkish as a foreign language, New Headway used in teaching English as a foreign language and Menschen used in teaching German as a foreign language were scanned and examined; it was tried to determine in which ways speaking skills were tried to be developed, how the competencies and achievements of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages were taken into consideration in the preparation of the textbooks and which competencies and achievements were included in the textbooks, and inferences and evaluations were made by taking these into consideration. Documentary analysis method was determined as the qualitative research method to be used in this study. The speaking activities of the books were analyzed in line with the steps developed by Forster (1995). In the process of analyzing the data obtained as a result of the analysis, content analysis was used.

Anahtar Kelimeler

foreign language teaching, speaking skill, textbook, Yedi İklim Türkçe, New Headway, Menschen