Evaluation of Activities Based On Listening Strategies According To Students’ Perceptions in Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language

Listening is an action both allows an individual to connect with the outside world and nourishes their understanding and narrative skills. Listening skill develops by feeding on other skill areas, especially speaking and writing skills, and is at least as important as reading skill. For this reason, teaching listening is a conscious and intentional learning experience in which all kinds of situations that may be caused by individual and environmental factors are planned by taking into account. Effective instruction of teaching listening will improve listening skills positively. Each stage of listening teaching has important processes in itself. It is possible to improve the listening skills of those who learn Turkish as a foreign language with activities to be held before, during and at the end of the listening process. In this direction, the aim of the research is to evaluate the teaching process carried out with listening strategies based activities in the teaching of Turkish as a foreign language based on the opinions of students. 26 students who are learning Turkish at the language application and research center of a higher education institution in Ankara and are at the B1 level were selected as the research group of the research. After listening activities based on strategy teaching conducted for eight weeks, individual semi-structured interviews were conducted with the students. The data obtained were then made ready for interpretation using content analysis. Based on the findings, it was concluded that most of the students in the research group (n=24) developed a positive opinion about the teaching process using listening strategies; note taking (n=4), discussion (n=4), working with keywords (n=4), title finding (n=1), gamification (n=1), technology use (n=1) strategies were the most emphasized strategies. In addition, the fact that students stated that not only their listening skills but also their other skills have improved with the use of strategies, and that they will use the strategies they have learned later, is among the important results of the research. In conclusion, it was seen that the process based on teaching listening strategies left a positive mark on individuals who learn Turkish as a foreign language, and various suggestions were given in this direction.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Teaching Turkish as a foreign language, listening skill, listening strategy, listening activities, strategy teaching.